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Contrary to the claims that have been made

Author: Anonymous

Contrary to the claims that have been made, the overall health of the peasants is sufficient. Of course this greedy bunch is complaining about the food rations, but it is not our intention to have fat and lazy subjects. When the regents see it fit, they might reward some of them with extra rations but usually we are rather forced to punish the peasants. The most common transgression is indeed the theft of food. Usually a whole village is punished for that as this will teach them to watch over their own kin more closely. Ungrateful as they are, the peasants often complain about the privileges they enjoyed in the past. It is indeed a sad thing that the regents of old lacked the responsibility to their position and did not work hard enough to further the riches of the realm but wasted resources on the ungrateful and greedy masses. The punishment for spreading such stories is a difficult thing since those who are guilty are mostly old and rather fragile. If they do not survive their well deserved whipping, the peasants are enraged and sometimes attack our officials. I therefore strongly suggest to relocate some of the funding of the army to local forces to keep a closer eye on imminent rebellions.

Location: Northern Zao
Found in: Bamboo Shelf
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